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Feelings of visiting and working in Japan

Feelings of visiting and working in Japan

In pursuance of the Decision No. 175 / QĐ-LĐLSVN dated 07/02/2018 by the Chairman of the VBF, we had a working trip to Japan, attended a training course on "Harmonization of Laws To work out and uniformly apply laws towards 2020. "
The plane landed at the airport on Sunday morning so we had some time to get acquainted and learn a bit about the people and the country of Japan before entering the first working day.
We all have a clear sense of Japanese character from the moment we set foot down Narita Airport, Tokyo. The adjustment, enthusiasm, hospitality made us very impressed. When in Vietnam, we know Japan is a country with an aging population but here we really feel the most clearly. In the airport, a lot of hair customs officers have silver spots that are usually held by young people.
President of Japan Land Federation (far right) introduces to the working group of the Vietnam Land Administration some activities of the Japan Bar Federation
Take us to the headquarters of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are 3 taxi. The surprise of the whole crew is that the drivers are old, but probably all over the age of 70. Translators said in Japan after retirement, many people still want to go to work. There are people who were former deputy, department chief after retirement but also to work more. Income is not a problem, but it is for them to feel that they are contributing, doing something useful for society and they are proud of it.
In Vietnam, we also know that Japanese people are so hard-working (when it's time to work, the office must ring the bell to remind people to leave or many people will stay until late work. ), but to this day, he added that besides the hard work is the humanity of the Japanese people. Everyone worked diligently for the advancement and development of Japan. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Japan becomes a great power.
Delegation of Vietnam Working Group together with representative of Japan Land Administration
Next, when the luggage on the car, are very heavy by the long trip so everyone carries many things but the driver should not let us on the car. The lawyers do not know Japanese and in a natural reflex to say a few sentences in Vietnamese while carrying luggage in the car, then the new driver for us to do the same. In our hearts we feel a bit hesitant, but with the interpretation of the previous translator we understand that we do that our mind is comfortable but not sure is good. Perhaps, we accidentally took away the rustic joy and simplicity of the drivers.
The car arrived at JICA headquarters, each of us was given personal belongings for the day living and working here. Next comes the brief introduction of some of the important content in the campus premises that the trainees will encounter. Then people get in, take a rest, eat at the cafeteria ... to accumulate energy for the official working day the next day.
On the first day of work, however, they recognized the professionalism and science of JICA experts. Each work desk is numbered and has a name plate for each Vietnamese lawyer. The information provided to the lawyer is also full name as well as other personal information. Therefore, when they distribute to the students, there is no confusion. JICA experts have instructed us to fill out information forms such as health insurance cards, internal bank cards ... Experts on each desk help and check whether the lawyers have filled in and filled in correctly. Very friendly, cheerful attitude.
Although the first day of work, the content is quite diverse, but the working time completely coincides with the work plan that we issued while still in Vietnam. We can not help wondering why large workloads, many presentations, where the script of time is so accurate.
Office of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Tokyo
In the afternoon, we officially entered the first class. Experts have briefed us on the formation and development of the Japan Bar Federation, the role of the Japan Bar Federation. In order to achieve the present results, the Japanese Bar Federation has also faced many difficulties and challenges. However, as in other branches in Japan, the Japan Bar Federation has made miraculous development, spectacular. So far, the number of lawyers has reached 38,870, belonging to 52 bar associations.
There are quite similarities with Vietnam as in terms of organizational structure, union membership regulations, Japanese lawyer membership, examinations to become lawyers ... and also There are different departments such as Information Division, International Division, Judicial Investigation Division, Training Department, etc. The office chief is appointed for a term of two years.

The similarities and differences are due to the fact that the socio-economic conditions of the two countries are different but the sincere and frank sharing of experiences in building the Confederation is something that we are very grateful for. .
At the end of the training session, we were led to visit the library, the lawyer's training hall of the Federation, the headquarters of the Tokyo Bar Association (in the same building). Wherever we have received a warm welcome, friendly, are reminded of the feelings, good cooperation, effective and substantive relationship between the two countries' lawyers.
After a day's work in great volume, lawyers are very energetic, energetic for the next few days.
Get that result, the great Japanese from the smallest thing!