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The biggest mistake of entrepreneurs in trademark registration

The biggest mistake of entrepreneurs in trademark registration

The lack of understanding of trademark registrations by business people causes the risk and loss of businesses to double every year. Misrepresentation and improper registration of trademarks is the greatest mistake of an entrepreneur.

1. No registration required.
Many businesses think trademark registration is costly and unnecessary. That is the biggest mistake of an entrepreneur. Trademark registration is as important as business registration. A smart entrepreneur not only knows how to build a reputation but also how to maintain and protect it. Trademarks are the property of the business. Trademark registration is the establishment of trademark ownership, which is the optimal and lasting protection of the business of every entrepreneur. The business's future depends very much on the protection of the brand. Ads may not be needed, but trademarks need to be registered.
2. Register at any time
Some businesses consider trademark registration as a type of ... administrative procedure, do it all the time. This is a very serious mistake. Trademark registration is not a compulsory procedure, but if not, the mark may be lost at any time. Time, money, effort invested in a brand will become salt if the other business is faster than registered trademark. The competitor does not have to pay for the initial investment and the already established market. Economic losses are not worth anything. The registration period for a common mark usually takes between one and a half to two years. Under Article 90 of the Intellectual Property Law, in principle the first application, the registered mark will restrict any other applications similar to the one from the date of filing. So do not hesitate to miss! Register for a trade mark right now!
3. Registration is only within the scope of business
A successful entrepreneur needs to know that his brand-building brick brand can be completely exploited and stolen by a business that specializes in producing fish sauce. The most damaging mistake of any business is that it only registers trademarks within the group of business lines. Restricting the scope of protection of the trademark will cause unforeseen economic damage to the business and will be a hindrance to the development of the business in the future. Do not think brand new will not be immitated immediately, do not think to do to register to that. Creation of no one, duplication can be encountered at any time, only the exclusive trademark is protected by law.
4. Cost as cheaply as possible.
Some people believe that trademark registration is simply a filing and pending review, so there is a lack of care in finding an industrial property agent. They usually save money by finding a cheap registry cleaner. Money is associated with responsibility. A smart businessman knows where to go for money. Brand is the soul of the business, need to place the responsible enough, qualified and reputable to carry out all necessary legal protection for the trademark. Right now, look to the reputable legal firm and trademarked registry with the widest possible range of protection.