Lawyers legal advice online now

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Lawyers legal advice online now
Dao Nguyen lawyer's office with a team of experienced lawyers and reputation provides consulting services in the field of business through long total legal advice:
Content advisory services law lawyer directly online:
1. Consultancy established enterprises:
- Consulting founded JSC;
- Consulting incorporation Limited;
- Consulting established representative offices, places of business;
- Consulting to establish branches;
- Consulting established individual business households ...
- Establishment of other forms as required by customers;
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2. Consulting changing business license of the company:
- Consult additional business lines, business lines drawn;
- Advisory member changes, the Company's shareholders;
- Consulting change the charter capital of the Company;
- Consult a change of address to the company headquarters;
- Consulting company name change, now.
3. Transformation Consulting business type:
- Consulting equitized enterprises;
- Conversion of state companies into limited liability company members;
- State enterprises and the problems after equitization;
- Consulting registration procedures split, merge, convert these types of enterprises;
- Consulting company type conversion, now.
4. Divide the company Consultants - Separation companies - Merger of Companies - Consolidation Companies:
- Consulting company split;
- Consulting division of the Company;
- Consulting division, splitting the enterprise;
- Consulting merged company;
- Consult the consolidated company;
5. Corporate Governance Consulting:
- Consult regularly law;
- Provide financial information business;
- Internal Management Consulting business;
- Consultation procedures implemented promotional programs;
- Lawyers consulting, litigation settlement of internal disputes now.
6. Dissolving now:
- Consulting registration procedures to suspend the business of the enterprise;
- Advising suspension of operation of the enterprise;
- Consultation procedures of corporate dissolution and termination of operation of branches and representative offices;
- Consultation process to dissolve the Company shares;
- Consult the dissolution of branches, representative offices, business locations Ltd. two more members.
7. Consulting business bankruptcy;
- Consulting business bankruptcy procedures;
- With legal advisory capacity and experience of its legal, lawyer's offices Dao Nguyen fully believes will best meet the needs and requirements of legal consultancy and foreign enterprises.
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