Inherited rights of stepchildren?

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Inherited rights of stepchildren?
Company Hello, I'd advise question as follows: I am the son of my father's own. Before my father had remarried and had more 1 brother. Now my father died, leaving me, brother along with her stepmother.
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Legal basis:
Civil Code 2005
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In your case before you die three legal testator should divide the inheritance will be done according to her will before you die, you will be entitled to the legacy of the three you leave if in testament three you specify you are entitled to inheritance. But the law also stipulates the heir case does not depend on the will means that even in the will leave no specified they inherited, they still receive the inheritance as prescribed by law:
Article 669. The heir does not depend on the content of wills
The following people still enjoy the heritages by two-thirds of an interest legal heirs, if the estate is divided according to the law, in case they are not entitled to the testator for heritage or show enjoy the heritages less than two-thirds of that interest, unless they are waived is stipulated in Article 642, or they were not entitled to inherit property under the provisions of Clause 1 of Article 643 of This law:
1. Minor children, father, mother, spouse;
2. Adult children without working capacity.
Based on the above regulations if in case you leave three testamentary wills that you do not specify who is entitled to inherit, you still enjoy the heritages by two-thirds of an interest under legal heirs law if you are a minor (person under 18), or you have a minor case, but no working ability.
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