Demanded a refund when asked by running the unsuccessful?

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Demanded a refund when asked by running the unsuccessful?
Hail Companies Law Dao Nguyen I have a problem looking forward to helping my firm resolve as follows:
My family in 2014 through the introduction of one number should be acquainted with his brother T and T have agreed to help apply for jobs at one hospital in Danang for my brother. And the total amount of my family gave him 210 million T he T promised otherwise to obtain a job will refund 100% of the money and compensation for my family by 30% more, while putting money has made a contract and have Full witnesses. But over a period of time since then, he could not obtain the T for my brother, was how this hospital just transferred to another hospital, the hospital said application, when it says other hospitals , when I called to ask family is also said to have decided and prepared to go to work, but again other views are not, make my brother to wait very long. Time a few months ago, my family was too upset to ask him T to return the money, but he T every excuse this or that prolonged pay him forever after T can send back 80 million for Sale My family then, he promised after 1 week T will pay off the remaining amount but from then until now about 2 months before he T has yet to pay off the amount retained, Family I have messaging and calling repeatedly but he T almost unheard machine shirk occasionally hear and reply to messages. so I want to ask to what was presented as above, my family how to recover the remaining amount.
Please thank Attorney office.

For your question law firm Ming Khue please support your answer as follows:
Legal grounds.
 Civil Code 2005
Content answer.
With the information you give us, the two parties established by contract with the witness complete but considering the nature of this contract is a contract to run errands for your loved ones. Such forms run the law completely banned the use of money to give to other people in power to run errands for your loved ones is bribery and is criminalized such acts in the criminal code the 1999 amendments 2009. Thus will do nothing that should contract as defined in Article 128 of the Civil Code in 2005.
"Article 128.- Civil transactions invalid due to violations of law prohibitions, social morality.
Civil transactions with purpose and contents in violation of law, social morality is void.
It is forbidden by law to the provisions of the law does not allow subjects to perform certain acts.
Social Ethics are standards of conduct between people in social life, community recognition and respect. "
Such a contract under the provisions of civil law, the contract is void and stipulated the consequences of an invalid contract is stipulated in Article 137 of the Civil Code 2005 stipulates as follows:
"Article 137. The legal consequences of an invalid civil transaction
1. invalid civil transaction does not give rise, changes, termination rights and civil obligations of the parties from the time of establishment.
2. When invalid civil transactions, the parties to restore the original state, return to each other what they have received; if not repaid in kind must be repaid in cash, unless the asset transaction, yields and profits are confiscated under the provisions of law. The party at fault causing damage to compensate. "
Whether you want to get back the full amount you would have to do this, the petition asked the court to declare this agreement is null and void contracts and the court will rely on the provisions of such law to ask him T return all this money for your family.

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