Services consulting lawyers settle disputes in court

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Services consulting lawyers settle disputes in court
Litigation is one of the important legal service's top law firms in the field of painting Ming Khue tung.Voi experience accumulated by practice, and services performed by professional lawyers who spent past experience in the field of law, the law firms, lawyers' offices and foreign large, attorney law firm Ming Khue has advice and settle disputes for many guests gently with the best case complex.
Dao Nguyen Law Office always ensure credibility, quality, high efficiency for customers through the following services:
- Support business transactions, negotiating, drafting and signing of transactions arising in the course of business operations.
- Preparation of documents, legal documents is high;
- Consulting regularly provides analysis and writing for each business activity.
- Advice to the legal issues: finance, accounting, land, import and export, civil, commercial, intellectual property, investment ...
- Consulting and implementation of administrative procedures before the state agency having jurisdiction.
- Representation, join litigation to protect the interests of individuals and organizations in the civil cases, economic, trade, intellectual property, investment, land, marriage and family ...
Lawyers dispute resolution advice:
Along with the excitement of the economy and the fierce competition of enterprises, civil disputes, economic, trade, labor and constantly increasing and complex nature of the dates. When participating in the settlement of disputes to the customer, Dao Nguyen Law Office always consider all aspects of the case to make the appropriate consulting solutions to best protect the interests of customers, while preserve the reputation and long-term partnership between the disputing parties.
Content consulting include:
- Advise and participate negotiation, mediation cases between the parties;
- Making the case file in court cases, arbitration;
- Preparation of records, documents and evidence to work with agencies, organizations and individuals involved in the incident resolution process;
- Participation in the court proceedings, arbitration in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests for its customers in the dispute.
Contacts using legal consultancy service & dispute in court:
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